Dapchari Milk project Information by Govt

Information from Government Page :
Milk project, Dapchari was established in 1960 to relocate the milch animals. About 2677 hectors of land was acquired on Mumbai – Ahmadabad highway, about 150 KMs. from Mumbai. A Dam (capacity 1380 Million ltrs.) was built in this project. But the cattle shed owners of Mumbai did not show any interest in shifting to Dapchari. So, some changes were made in the Project. At present various agricultural schemes are implemented with above 100 cluster units (Gaothan) and associated 170 agricultural areas. In such schemes, the owner/area holder gets land for dwelling, shed for about 12 cows and 1 hector of land for agriculture. This land is used for planting vegetable, rubber plantation or for plants like chikoo, mango,etc. Horticulture Department distributes the seeds/seedling/grafts of the plants like mango, chikoo, coconut, etc.

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