Dapchari news | No 'tabelas' in city, says government

Friday, Sep 15, 2006 | Source: Mumbai Mirror | Internet-News Paper | Page 4
No tabelas in city, says government

Asks BMC to ensure a tabela-free Mumbai after the 26/7 flooding last year


Even though Mumbai's ubiquitous tabelas are not prepared to move out, the state government has issued a notification prohibiting such activities. The notification did not specify any time limit for tabela owners to move, but government officials say that Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) will have to ensure a tabela-free Mumbai.
The tabela-shifting move picked up momentum after the metropolis was ravaged by the downpour on July 26, 2005. Recently, the state government issued a notification carrying out an amendment in the Maharashtra Keeping and Movement of Cattle in Urban Areas (control) Act- 1976. Tabelas in Mumbai city and suburban district limits will now be prohibited, said an official of state animal husbandry.
However, although the government has provided huge tracts of land in Dapchari (Dist- Thane for tabelas, no tabela owner has shown any willingness to shift. "The climate at Dapchari is not suitable for tabelas," says Kripashankar Singh, former minister and Congress MLA of Santacruz. Even the water there has some problems, he said. They are, instead, demanding that their land be classified as commercial instead of 'residential' to allow them to conduct business.
According to Singh, there are over 300 tabelas in Mumbai. But BMC authorities say that there are nearly 180 tabelas spread over approximately 225 acres of land. Mangal Mange, chairman of the BMC's health committee says that there is no policy for shifting of tabelas.
In 2001, the MPCB had issued a circular ordering pollution control measures like proper drainage, sewage, water treatment plant, gobar gas plants along with locations for the tabelas. The circular said tabelas should be at least 1 km away from localities, river or lakes and 100 meters from major roads.

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